Travis Pollen, PhD

Trainer | Scientist | Author | Athlete

Travis Pollen is a personal trainer, author, and PhD in Health & Rehabilitation Sciences. Over his seven-year personal training career, he’s trained professional athletes, senior citizens, and everyone in between. He’s on a mission to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance. In addition to his doctorate, Travis has a master’s degree in Biomechanics and Movement Science as well as an American record in Paralympic swimming. When he’s not earning advanced degrees or breaking records, he can be found listening to indie folk music and eating sushi, preferably at the same time. He currently resides in Philadelphia with his girlfriend and their furry friends.

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Bridging the gap between rehab & performance as well as research & practice.

Musings on biomechanics, injury prevention, ‘good’ vs. ‘bad’ exercises & more.

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